The Book

Telemachus is a DIY publication by AnAnnal Publishing. It can be read in PDF, e-book and hard copy in two volumes. The ONLINE version has been broken down into individual chapters with wordclouds at the head of each chapter.

You don’t have to read Telemachus from start to finish. It’s very long. Actually, it beats Ulysses by 50%… on word count!

You can just skip the theoretical analysis if you like and just read the story. Or you can delve into TMAC on the PDF with keywords and trace their passage using Find Text (Ctrl+F) function. My blogs will also highlight key aspects of the book.

Telemachus is offered freely to readers in PDF, ONLINE and e-book format from this website. 

The ONLINE version can be accessed here

The PDF and e-book can be accessed here.

Hard copy in two volumes can be ordered here.

WARNING – some parts of Telemachus are difficult to read ONLINE and on e-book because of its complex structure and presentation. For example, Chapter 7 runs parallel narratives simultaneously in the main body of the text and footnotes. In the ONLINE version, we had to place the footnotes at the end of the chapter like conventional text due to web builder limitations. So you will need to access the PDF (or get hard copy) to see it as it is meant to be seen. 

Jess Cox of Quick Fox Editing was responsible for design and publishing of all variants of Telemachus – hard copy, PDF, html and e-book. We recommend Quick Fox Editing.