Outside the Book

Writing Telemachus took almost 20 years. I collected a lot of reference material and wrote a lot of rejected passages over that time. There are loads of people and places cited in TMAC that warrant further investigation. In many respects, my book is a social record of Sydney in the 1980s. 

This part of the website contains material that never made it into the formal version of Telemachus.

It contains “Outtakes” which offer other lenses on how TMAC might have looked. There is a “Fan Page” where I talk about influences on TMAC. There is interpretative material extracted from Telemachus to help navigate its form, like Chapter Themes and “Chapter Keywords.” There is also a set of “Useful Links” where you can find out more from other websites. 

This is a place where the website “puts forward the unpresentable,” as Lyotard wrote, onto the digital page becoming part of “presentation itself” by adding new content that further refracts “good form.” It is the place where historic hard copy is repositioned and enhanced by multi-media content from “Outside the Book.”

Eventually, I plan to collect all the digital products on this website into a second work provisionally titled, ELEHUS (TELEMACHUS minus TMAC letters).

You can view more multi-media content aligned with this theory in Galleries.