Telemachus has a visual artist, Tom Hallem, as one of its central characters. In many ways, I feel like contemporary artists are the natural audience for TMAC, given their interest in finding innovative forms of representation linked to theory. This is different to the tale-telling bias and formal redundancy of current literature.

You can visit a range of visual material that contributes extra meaning to TMAC in “Outside the Book.”

It includes TMAC stuff relating to the structure, drafting and content of the book.

There are wordclouds for each chapter. They are also included in the online version at the start of each chapter.

You can view TMAC-related “Prosenchymatic” artworks by Melbourne artist, Winsome Spiller.

The photographs throughout the website were taken by Mel Broe. The Online version is the best place to view her work. There are 2 images in the sliders at the start of each chapter.