C1 Keywords

Chapter One references are as follows: James Joyce, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (PAYM), Dubliners, Homer, Iliad, Odyssey, Samuel Beckett, The Saints, Birthday Party, feedtime, the Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Tactics, Bob Dylan, Shelley’s influence, Browning, Huysmans’ tortoise, Tennyson – In Memoriam (Arthur Hallam), Byron, Melville, Wagner/Faust, Trilogy, Imaginary Portraits (Walter Pater), M, A la recherche du temps perdu (DTP), Krapp, Liffey passes (Gaelic for Life), Ophelia’s dress is evidence of the Sublime, Bloom’s Virag, Proust (Samuel Beckett), Harold Bloom (Scene of Instruction), Victorian Aesthetics, Romanticism, Swinburnean pubis, Wilde’s London, post-Darwin, Magic Realism [INSERT QUALIFICATION: TEXT OF A FAT BLOKE IN A PICKLE SHOP WHO EXPLODES], Peter Carey, Bugden + Gilbert, Sam Coleman’s prosecution speech 1933, Modernist High Style, demotic setting. Molly as Calypso to Bloom’s Odysseus when she is first introduced then re-cast as Nausicaa in recollections about her youth, Circe with H. Boylan and Penelope by the end of the novel. There is no Cicones episode in Ulysses. Lotus-Eaters (Book 9). Joyce took notes from Berard’s Les Pheniciens et l’Odyssie (see Buffalo Notebook, VIIIA.5). Anti-quest. Browning’s “Childe Roland,” Mallarme’s Chance, Earl of Dudley, “Wandering Rocks,” “The Sensitive Plant,” Bloom as Malvolio, John Joyce, Walter Pater, Fitzgerlad (F. Scott), Djuna Barnes, Nightwood, Hemingway (ignored Ulysses), Arnold Bennett who said “the code has been smashed to bits.” E. Pound. Use Ulysses to kickstart the Cantos. Eliot recognised a completely new mode of representation – what he called ‘mythic method.’ V. Woolf (Ulysses infested her works thereafter). Eliot wondered how Joyce could ever write again after Penelope episode. He was right. Josef K. Faust begins in a laboratory at night. Flaubert favoured schoolyard reminiscences. Pater chose the pagan child. Sal Paradise. Milton. “Man’s first disobedience.” Novalis and Zola. Raskolnikov’s landlady. A dining-room full of lodgers beside the front door. Pere Goriot. Robert Browning. Sordello. Kunstlerroman. Roman à clef. C19 Realism. Modernist chronicle. A postmodern approach that denies itself the solace of good forms. Fable. Allegory. Characters like Pilgrim, Empty and Vile. Tragedy (what the Greeks called ‘goat song’). Ibsenesque, Beckettian, Fovist, Ionescoid. The three qualities of Beauty defined by Thomas Aquinas: integritas, consonantia & claritas. Hugo’s mythical types. Telemachus. Hamlet. Faust. Shelley. Paris. Rimbaud who outgrew ART. Coleridge crippled by drug abuse. Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus, Shem and Shaun, Jim and Stan. Us (Tom Hallem & Billy Capri). Gold Cup Day, 1904. Melbourne Cup Day, 1984. Telemachus’ means ‘fighter afar’ in Greek. Robert Graves. Dictys Cretensis. Telemachus banished to Cephallenia (vi.14). Telegonia, a sixth century BC epic cycle by Eugammon. Circe. Her daughter, Cassiphone, mother of Latinus, the kind king who offered Aeneas a new home in Latium. Clusium, Etruria. Odysseus after the Odyssey. Pseudo-Apollodorus. Thesprotia, a country of Epirus, some kind of Menindee, watered by the rivers Acheron and Cocytus. Leichhardt. Burke and Wills. Streams of hell. Callidice. Neoptolemus (AKA Pyrrhus). Exile at Thoas, Aetolia. Pausanias. “Thesprotis.” Penelope bore a son, Poliporthes, in his absence. Both Pindar and Herodotus report that she gave birth to Pan by the god Hermes. Servius said Pan was born of ALL the suitors, as testified by his name which means “all” in Greek. Role of Telemachus in death of father. See Pseudo-Apollodorus. Telegonus of Aeaea, Odysseus’ son by Circe who killed his father (see Oedipus). Sophocles’ tragedy (fragments extant). Hyginus. Athene’s decree. Italus. Both half-brothers wed their step-mothers. Saint Telemachus. Archbishop of Cambrai who wrote The Adventures of Telemachus, Son of Ulysses in the eighteenth century. Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Ulysses.” The Odyssey, A Modern Sequel by Nikos Kazantzakas, author of Zorba the Greek. Michael Kohlmeier, Telemach (German, 1995). John Kohlmeier, professor of accounting and information systems. Ryan Kohlmeier, minor league baseball pitcher. Journeyman South African cricketer, Roger Telemachus. Shelley’s “The Sensitive Plant.” Warhol’s fame machine CLOSE