Blog 10 – In Black Box: a radio-play

I have uploaded our radio-play, In Black Box,” which was braodact on ABC Radio in the 1990s. You can listen.

The script is a bit dated, but the production values are great.

It was resurrected because James Vicary and I are planning to make a new radio-play of “BLOT,” Appendix A of Telemachus this year. I converted the DAT master tape to MP3 and emailed it to him. “BLOT” is a 3-hand piece like “In Black Box.” So it is a good template.

James lives in S-E Tasmania. I live in Sydney. We are 1500kms apart with Bass Strait in the way as well. So we will be working remotely, using Tasmanian actors and sound effects. I will get down there for a session, which will be great.